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Wrought Iron Metal Sculpture
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Metal Sculptures in Melbourne

Need a centre piece in your garden? Wish to make a statement at the entrance to your home or office? Have a particular theme in mind? Well now your ideas can be realised with a Warp Ironworks wrought iron forged metal sculpture. Large or small scale wrought iron metal sculptures are both possible at the Warp ironworks Metal sculpture studio. Mythical, abstract, modern or figurative, the Warp Ironworks sculptural artists can give you a one of a kind piece of forged metal sculpture that will turn heads and start conversation at a glance. All Warp Ironworks forged metal sculptures are made on a commission basis for the collector or client. Come to us with your metal sculpture ideas and we can turn these ideas into an artistic conversation piece. Perhaps you would like to incorporate some of our hand forged sculptural elements into a set of wrought iron gates or wrought iron fence panels? At Warp Ironworks wrought iron and metal sculpture studio our forged metal artists can do just that. Make a truly
unique statement with your next landscaping or interior design project by commissioning a one of a kind forged metal sculpture from Warp Ironworks.
Interior and exterior forged metal sculptures from Warp Ironworks can be finished in a number of different ways including hot dip galvanizing, painted, powdercoated or just left natural, the choice is yours.
Call us at Warp ironworks to arrange an appointment to discuss your forged metal sculpture ideas.