About Warp Ironworks wrought iron and Cut above blades.

With over 30 years of experience in both traditional and modern wrought iron blacksmithing and forging techniques, Warp Ironworks have all of your unique wrought iron needs covered.

At Warp Ironworks we custom blueprint all ironwork to suit your requirements and add value to your home through strikingly beautiful and elegant, thoughtful design.

Additionally you have the reassurance that the designer is also the skilled craftsman who will be overseeing both the construction and installation of your wrought iron project from start to completion.

The highly experienced team at Warp Ironworks are also able to supply a multitude of decorative wrought iron components and pattern pieces such as gate tops, balustrade patterns or fence panel infills for the builder, gate manufacturer, fencing contractor etc.

Our highly trained wrought iron craftsmen are also skilled makers of fine handmade carbon steel and damascus Kichen knives under the Cut Above Blades moniker.
some examples of the knives currently available can be found in our carbon steel knives store on this site.